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bless this writer and this entire episode

Bless Mark Sheppard for delivering that flawlessly

the poison for kuzco, kuzcos’ poison

Someone’s clearly being possessed by the spirit of Mojo Jojo

*That is the possession by the spirit, that is possessing, which would be the spirit of MOJO JOJO!! In which his spirit would do the act of possessing, in which the person of whom is receiving the spirit, would thereby be in the total possession of *wait for it* MOJO JOJO!!*

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Let's take a moment to talk about how messed up this photo is:



This photo has been shared by a few of my “friends” on Facebook. Honestly, I could write an entire dissertation about how wrong this image is, so I’ll try to contain myself within a few points:

  1. The way children act and speak is usually a direct result of the way their…

I was raised to (basically) believe that children are not really human beings worthy of respect, but rather children are objects/items/property whom belong to their parents and are obligated to both love and fear their parents (basically a totalitarian relationship). I was never taught that thinking for myself was possible or even an option; I was taught to listen and to obey.

I was taught that my parents and elders could occasionally say/do bad things to me, because it was for the purpose of teaching me respect and to help me become a better person. I was brought up to believe that a parent was under NO obligation to treat their child with respect for the purpose of getting respect back in the turn.

One of the hardest things for me to come to grips with as an adult, is the fact that not everything that I was taught to believe as a child was the truth. It’s one of the many reasons why I have made the mature decision to NEVER have children of my own.


"sexuality is a choice"


"women wouldn’t get raped if they didn’t wear revealing clothes"


"there are only two genders"


"i’m not trying to be sexist/racist, but.."


"a/bi/pansexuality isn’t real"


"gay people shouldn’t have children"


"i don’t want to be friends with a gay person, they could hit on me"


"you can’t identify with the gender you want to be, only the one you were born with"


A Guide to Terminology as used by Western Males of the Species



Prude - a woman who won’t fuck you

Dyke - a woman who won’t fuck you because you have a penis

Slut - a woman who fucks other people and not you

Tease - a woman who won’t fuck you even though she smiled at you

Feminist - a woman who won’t fuck you because she has, like, thoughts and stuff

Bitch - a woman who treats you the same as you treat women

Whore- a woman who unapologetically admits to enjoy giving/receiving sexual pleasure

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